New mills festival 2019
”the elements - earth, air, fire and water”

Take Part - Information for Participants

New Mills Festival 2019 is now closed for event submissions! TO SUBMIT AN EVENT, PLEASE COME BACK EARLY NEXT YEAR TO SUBMIT YOUR EVENT FOR 2020! Do make use of the helpful advice offered on these pages before submitting online, even if you have submitted before.

In a Nutshell

  • Anyone can participate (subject to committee approval) but it is up to you to find and book your venue.

  • The final deadline for the printed programme is 1st June 2019 (after that date, do contact us as it may not be too late. We can always add late entries to our online listings even if we can’t squeeze it into the written programme).

  • Once you are sure of your venue, dates, event description, times and prices then you are ready to submit your event using our online submission form.

  • When your event is approved you will be required to pay a donation towards marketing costs - £15 for non-charged events, £25 for charged events.

    NOTE We know that a lot of events are run by volunteer organisations and are FREE to the public. If the nature of your organisation and/or event makes it difficult to make a donation please let us know when submitting your event details.

  • It is up to you to arrange your publicity materials, public liability insurance, ticketing etc. New Mills Festival logos are supplied and MUST be used on all your publicity material.

  • We do not have a centralised ticketing system.

    Online sales - New Mills Festival can sell tickets on your behalf for a £10 set up fee per entry.

    Paper ticket sales - we can supply a list of venues in the town who assist with this. There may be a charge.

    Managed venues - have their own box offices and or ticketing processes.

Why you should take part

  • New Mills Festival is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of highly experienced volunteers who are ready to offer personal advice and provide marketing back up. See How to grow your audience.

  • Thanks to the volunteer efforts and financial supporters, entry fees are attractively low.

  • New Mills Festival is open to all.

  • Gain valuable publicity through our networks.

  • It's simple to get involved and fun.

What we do

  • We run this website.

  • We publish around 20,000 printed, full-colour New Mills Festival Programmes and distribute them across the county and beyond including to national media.

  • We provide information and advice on venues and programming.

  • We have a Marketing Team with national contacts.

  • Throughout the year we promote New Mills Festival through multi-media channels as well as events such as the New Mills Carnival, New Mills One World Festival. New Mills Duck Race, New Mills Christmas Light Switch On.

  • We run the New Mills Festival Information Line which handles information and queries for artists and audiences during the festival.

  • We offer a ticketing facility through our website.

  • We strive to maintain high standards.

To submit an event, Please come back early next year to submit your event for 2020!