Friday 8
St George's Parish Hall, Church Lane, SK22 4NP Doors 7.30pm
Tickets £10 waged, £5 unwaged & children

To celebrate the 'Around the World' theme of the New Mills Festival this year, we are proud to present an evening by Saami artivist (Artist & Activist) Niillas Holmberg. Having travelled extensively, Niillas brings his music and poetry to New Mills from around many corners. He is from Ohcejohka, Saamiland, occupied by Finland. He ist he author of 5 collections of poetry and performer of many genres of music with several albums published. Awarded for his unyielding aspect of indigenousity in his art; the Saami worldview and their political struggle in the modern world form the basis of his expression. In New Mills he will showcase his material mixing poetry and music such as traditional Saami yoik vocals in a unique manner. He is known for creating an intimate and dynamic atmosphere, making the harsh but epic landscapes of his home almost visible.

Holmberg's poetry has been translated into more than ten languages. As a musician he works as a vocalist, guitarist, composer and lyricist. He performs with four bands: arctic folk music with with Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää and Niillas Holmberg Kvarteahtta, world music with Nordic Namgar and electronic music with YLVA. All these bands work and perform internationally.

Niillas has also worked as an actor on theatre and TV.

Further information contact mail: tel: 07792545733 website: