saturday 28, sunday 29
interrupted: part of the BIG WEEKEND
Art Theatre, Jodrell Street, SK22 3HJ Sat 28 & Sun 29 11am-4pm
admission FREE

(art trail venue 58)


Interrupted is a programme of International Experimental Video Art which recently had its inaugural showing at The Firehouse Cultural Center, Ruskin, Florida, USA. Curated by Dee Hood participating artists, from 13 different countries are: Hiroshi Atobe, Sandra Bouguerch, Dee Hood, Maria Felix Korporal, Mohamed Thara, Lisi Prada, Angelina Voskopoulou, Tushar Waghela, Kent Tate, Muriel Paraboni, Hiroya Sakurai, Erick Tapia, Santiago Echeverry. This is a drop-in event which will also give visitors a chance to see the newly renovated Art Theatre.

Admission FREE

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