New Mills Festival prints 20,000 copies of the full Programme of Events which are distributed widely on a local and regional level and to our mailing lists.

The wider distribution of material for individual events is the responsibility of participants. Many shops, cafes and pubs take posters and flyers.

Please make it clear on all publicity that the event is part of New Mills festival - use the logos. It helps you and us! They can be downloaded HERE. If none of these are suitable please email

New Mills Festival is also promoted generally through the local and regional media. Please approach them yourselves with photos and press releases. (A regularly updated media list is supplied with confirmation of entry. It is not exhaustive. In particular, do contact the local press from where you are from, for example The Macclesfield Express does not generally cover Buxton but would do if there was a local angle for them). Local Radio Stations may be willing to broadcast good quality recordings and are keen to interview you, especially if you can go into their studios.

Please supply photographs as part of the online entry procedure. If you would like further advice on publicity contact the Press Officer, who would also be happy to receive your press releases for her information.

Carnival and street publicity are worth the effort. Meet the public in costume if possible with handbills at the ready. Impromptu street theatre works too. The Carnival Procession welcomes New Mills Festival participants.

The following is a list of tips from Festival organisers:

  • Make the most of your 50-word programme entry to really sell your show. If you've won an award, say so. If you've had a good review, quote it. If you are from outside the UK say so as it means you are international! 

  • Know your target audience.

  • Make the most of any local contacts - don't be shy about spreading the word amongst friends and family.

  • Distribute flyers and posters to plenty of places and the best places for your target audience.

  • Try the personal touch in handing out flyers yourself.

  • Think about involving local people in the performance itself eg dance companies in the past have held workshops in local schools, then had a curtain-raiser involving those students, thereby securing themselves an audience of the students' families and friends.

  • Consider an unusual, characterful venue eg Shakespeare in the park is always a winner or comedians may choose to use a café venue to create a cabaret atmosphere.

  • Consider adding extra value and something different eg free snacks, workshop element, promenade performance, interactivity, something that makes it seem like an event.

  • If you have an attractive cast, costumes or sets show them off in publicity pictures.

  • Think of an interesting angle for the press - eg the first time... a new collaboration... return of an award winner... local angle... youngest performer... oldest performer... human interest story.

  • Use digital marketing/social media. New Mills and the Festival has a thriving presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you tag us in your posts.

  • Watch timing of show - eg beware the impact of the Lantern Procession on the last Saturday. Don't put a children's show on late in the evening.

  • Watch pricing. We can offer advice with this.

  • Be sure to submit a photo for the programme.

  • Enter early so that your details are on website for longer and you get picked out in early press and magazine articles.