Saturday 21
Folk Train Special with Gentle Stranger
Manchester to Strines railway line starting at Manchester Piccadily 13.46PM
admission free (train ticket required)

folk trainj.jpg

Folk Train Special with 'Gentle Stranger' to 'Fresh Folk at the Fox'

The perfect way to travel from Manchester (or stations between Manchester and Strines) to attend 'Fresh Folk at the Fox' which is taking place at Fox on the afternoon of the 21st September (see separate event listing). The train departs Piccadilly at 13:19 and arrives at Strines at 13:46. There is then a ten minute walk up through the woods to the Fox Inn at Brookbottom and there will be time for lunch before rising young musicians play an afternoon of folk (starting at 15:00). Return will be on the 16:30 train from Strines, arriving at Piccadilly at 16:59.

FREE event