Anyone can take part (subject to committee approval) but it is up to you to find and book your venue.

When your event is approved you will be required to pay a donation (£15 non-charged events, £25 charged events) towards marketing costs.

NOTE We know that a lot of events are run by volunteer organisations and are FREE to the public. If the nature of your organisation and/or event makes it difficult to make a donation please let us know when submitting your event details.

Deadline for entries is 1st June 2019

Please follow the step by step process below:

1. Decide on your event
2. Check for event clashes
3. Decide on your venue
4. Public Liability Insurance
5. Ticket Sales
6. Complete the Online Entry
7. Publicity photos
8. Plan your publicity campaign
9. Posters and flyers
10. Programme changes after final deadline

1 Decide on your event

It is the organisers responsibility to obtain all the correct licenses and copyright permissions if applicable.

2 Check for event clashes

To ensure your event doesn’t clash with an existing event, check the current programme of events HERE. Please note timings on the calendar are indicative only.

3 Decide on your venue

It is up to you to find and book your venue. A list of venues is available HERE. It is not exhaustive or restrictive. Each year imaginative organisers come up with new places and spaces. It is the organisers sole responsibility to discuss and agree any permissions, hire and ticketing arrangements.

4 Arrange Public Liability Insurance

You must have suitable cover for your event. It is up to the organiser to take all due consideration and care regarding health and safety matters.

5 Ticket Sales

We do not have a centralised ticketing system.

Online sales - New Mills Festival can sell tickets on your behalf for a £10 set up fee per entry. It is the organisers sole responsibility to monitor sales numbers and to keep New Mills Festival informed of availability. New Mills Festival cannot be held responsible for any over selling. Online ticket sales will cease at midnight the day before your event.

Paper ticket sales - we can supply a list of venues in the town who assist with this. There may be a charge.

Managed venues - have their own box offices and or ticketing processes.

In all cases be sure to enter your own direct sales contact details on the online entry form.

6 Complete the Online Entry

The link to online entry is at the bottom of the next page. Please read all the advice before beginning the process. Pay particular attention to your 50 word event description. See How to Grow Your Audience.

The deadline for entries and photos is June 1st 2019. Entries received after this can be processed but may not be included in the printed programme.

Your entry will not be processed until payment has been received (unless you are eligible for free entry).

7 publicity photos

Once you have submitted your application, you will be reminded to email your publicity photos to (high resolution jpeg, gif, png, tif format please. Do NOT embed images in word or pdf documents).

These may be used on the web-site, in the printed programme or in press releases for 2019 and subsequent years.

If no images are provided New Mills Festival reserves the right to use generic artwork against your entry.

8 Plan your publicity campaign

New Mills Festival will publicise events as much as possible but it is the organisers own responsibility to plan a good publicity campaign. Press releases can be emailed to for information but it is your responsibility to send them out.

More info in How to Grow Your Audience.

9 Posters and flyers

New Mills Festival logos MUST be incorporated in poster and flyer design. Logos can be downloaded in various formats HERE.

Please email us digital copies of your publicity material for inclusion in our marketing campaigns.

It is the participants responsibility to produce and distribute any printed material required.

10 Programme changes after the final deadline

DON'T!! The show must go on!! At all costs avoid changes and cancellations. Entrants who make changes inevitably suffer at the box office and cause us a lot of work and aggravation.

If alteration or cancellation is unavoidable you must inform the venue and New Mills festival immediately on 07753842861


Good Luck!

Jamie Bartleet
New Mills Festival Programme Co-Ordinator