SunDAY 22
Connecting With the Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water
BEING Outdoors Basecamp - Shield Tree Wood, Briargrove Road, Thornsett, SK22 1AY Session 1: 10-11.30am
Session 2: 12-1.30pm
tickets £5 per child, £3 per sibling. £10 for a family of 3


Voyage across New Mills, over to Thornsett where BEING Outdoors basecamp in Shield Tree Wood lies nestled on the edge of Thornsett Fields Farm. Here you can connect with the elements - earth, air, fire and water.

We invite you to take part in our Great Woodland Bake Off utilising the woodland earth and water to make your creations! Then why not use air and have a go at lighting your own small fire and taste some viking campfire food, around our fire circle. Inspired by the elements - at our nature crafts table you can create your own bubble wand and watch your bubbles float through the woodland air. Or why not use clay dug from the earth to create your own tree spirits and bring our trees to life!

The sessions are family friendly. We would encourage you to wear long trousers, wellies or boots and lots of layers. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Event details and online booking can be found HERE and you can follow us on facebook at

Tickets £5 per child, £3 per sibling, £10 for a family of 3