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BRIAN NEISH is a full-time professional artist living and working in New Mills. His work explores the expressive effects of layering oil paint multiple times until it begins to assert its own unique surface characteristics. This interest was sparked initially by observing old, decaying architectural features such as doors, panels and shutters. A consequence of the process seems to be a link to the passing of time, ageing, and the notion that some surfaces can look more beautiful with an ageing patina than they ever did when they were new

VAL HUSDON layers oil and wax on canvas which she then scribe into, in order to reveal what lies beneath.

The inspiration for a painting is often, unexpectedly found, in a piece of music, a poem, landscape or a biography. She is fascinated by colour, the elements, the play of light. Colour and form are juxtaposed inviting us to engage our imagination, to enter into another world, to let go of fixed preconceptions and see beyond ‘the known’. Val’s paintings have been described as “contemplative”. She strives to evoke aspects of beauty and endeavour to make that which is invisible, visible. She is captivated by the insubstantial transient nature of existence and the potential of emptiness and silence.

Val studied Fine Art (painting) at St Martins School of Art, London 1991-1994.

She has shown her work in various solo/group exhibitions in New York, Stockholm, Zurich, London and throughout the UKThe studio welcomes visitors to see paintings by Brian Neish, a full-time professional artist living and working in New Mills and also work by guest artist Val Hudson creating paintings using layers of oil and wax.

Admission FREE