New Mills Festival aims to To advance education in, and involvement with, arts, heritage, science and culture by hosting a community festival and other events to engage with individuals, families, community groups and the wider general public in New Mills and the surrounding areas.

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New Mills Festival is a two week annual celebration of community spirit through a diverse range of activities from talks and walks to concerts, gigs, exhibitions, trails, quizzes and performances with a spectacular lantern procession through The Torrs Gorge ending in a Community Street Party in the centre of town. The overall aim is to enrich our community experience of and participation in different creative activities and to have fun.

The festival is organised by a committee, which is made up of members of the public who come from all walks of life. The committee give their skills, time and energy on an entirely voluntary basis.

The festival committee acts as a facilitator and co-ordinator for the many different groups, organisations, schools and individuals who take part in the festival. The committee has responsibility for collating, production/distribution and marketing of the festival brochure and other publicity material. The festival committee also organises the lantern procession and street party - in 2016 the local police official estimate was that 14000 people took part! In 2016 an estimated 20,000 people from the local community and much further afield participated in the festival fortnight.

The costs that are involved in the running of such a successful event are quite considerable and as the event grows the costs associated with the administration side of the event increase each year.
On a grass roots level the volunteers work very hard each year to raise funds to cover these costs.

Alongside these events the volunteers run raffles and organise bucket collections during the festival. Events that are raising funds for the festival are advertised as such in the programme and/or at the event. A considerable amount of funding is also raised via donations from local businesses and members of the community. Organisers of the various events that are included in the programme are also encouraged to make donations.

The festival also receives support from local and regional authorities including High Peak Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council. Each year festival organisers also apply to many other funding bodies.

The festival organisers are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with the myriad of jobs that continue over the whole year. If you would like to be involved please get in touch at newmillsfestival@hotmail.co.uk and/or add your name to our mailing list, the link is on our home page.

Thank you for supporting New Mills Festival,

The Festival Committee