fb: /natalie.holt.355

venue 50: The Music Studio


Natalie specialises in producing high-quality contemporary handcrafted jewellery, including bold neckpieces, and silver, gold and gem-set pendants, rings, armlets and earrings. She also makes bespoke wedding rings, which can be personalised with the fingerprint engravings of the couple. In addition, Natalie creates a textured wedding ring collection which features unusual textures and designs. Her Alchemelia collection centres on the use of rose gold to highlight and bring colour to fluid silver forms.

Natalie’s style of work is fluid and contemporary, incorporating organic lines and clean sweeping curves. She aspires to make each piece unique by experimenting with the qualities of the metal by introducing texture, twisting, carving, enamelling and reticulation. Natalie is inspired by the properties of the metal and it's endless potential to create new and interesting shapes and textures. She finds that the most interesting effects often arise from experimentation