fb: @karenmathisonphotographer

venue 40: High Peak Flowers


Karen originally centred her personal practice primarily around documentary photography however her personal photographic practice now focuses on the representation and the familiar of local communities and places, reflecting on society from varying points including change and loss. She likes to collaborate with individuals & communities in terms of representation and place, questioning how co-authorship and produced photography, creates greater narratives and representations of our shared society and place. Currently she is working on a number of long-term projects including the visual representation of obesity and how it can be explored via photography, gender and identity, life as an activist and humanities impact on the planet in relation to the the new epoch, the Anthropocene.
Photographs have been using a Handmade pinhole camera made from recycled materials from the local area. This camera is then used to take the initial photography. These photographs are then repurposed fragmentally to portray an essence of our planet’s degradation.I hope to affect my audience through my visual work by evoking a sense of place, space and time. I have focused on the familiar of man’s impact, depicting and reflecting on society from varying points of this change and loss