John is an artist: painter, digital artist, video artist, photographer, designer, musician, printmaker, author and sculptor. Since 2010, Hyatt has exhibited in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Portugal, Japan, the UK and the USA. He has a long and varied career and involvement in cultural practices, pedagogy, industry, urban regeneration, and communities.

A transdisciplinary theorist, he is a polymath with an interest in arts and sciences. Hyatt recently received global popular media attention for his digital photographs of Rossendale Fairies. Music fans know John in many incarnations and collaborations but primarily as singer/songwriter with legendary post-punk band, The Three Johns.

As a Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, following 10 years as Head of Fine Art, Hyatt originated and developed the Research Institute, MIRIAD, and as its Director for 15 years he made it the UK’s 5th highest-rated arts research centre. In September 2016, John moved to become Professor in Contemporary Art at Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Art and Design where he currently works, appropriately, from the John Lennon Building. In October 2016, he became Research Leader for the School and Director of ART LABS, a networked set of specialist Artistic Research and Technologies Laboratories.

John’s last big solo exhibition was at HOME, Manchester, in February/March Called, ROCK ART, it was a multi-media extravaganza, featuring the wonderful Club BIG, which John hosted as his deceased self under the pseudonym, Seymour Clearly, and showcasing young and emerging talent alongside professional and experienced.