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Nick lives in Leeds and works in glass sculpture and painting.
Her sculptures are colourful and intricate using copper foiled glass, which have been painted and fused, watercolours are combined with etched glass.
Nick’s work is strongly narrative, exploring the relationship of people with each other and with the landscape. Increasingly the leitmotif of her work is birds, as they move in and around the images.
Nick is largely self-taught, working for most of her career in mixed media on paper, but has attended classes in glass techniques.
Nick has exhibited in Staithes Art and Heritage Festival and Roundhay Artists Open Studios, in on-line exhibitions with the Contemporary Glass Society, a pop up exhibition ‘From the Studio Floor’ in Cambridge, ‘Glisten and Shine’ in Cartwright Hall Museum in Bradford and ‘Our eARTh’ in the Kunsthuis Gallery, North Yorkshire and with Cupola gallery in Sheffield