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“Embracing the Invisible” at venue 22: providence URc


‘Embracing the Invisible’ is an exhibition created by a collective of artists working through Charnwood Arts - ArtsLink Taiwan, an international project through the ‘People Making Places’
programme. The exhibition presents work in a range of media to share one of the world’s most fascinating festivals that takes place every three years in the Taiwanese fishing port of Donggang.

Yu Ting directed, shot, and edited the video presented by the group.

Yu Ting is a native of Donggang, a small, simple, fishing port in Taiwan. Donggang is a place full of hospitality. Yu Ting is passionate about everything her town has to offer - warmth, ancient rituals, and good deeds. The ancestors of Donggang faced the ruthlessness of the sea and put their lives in the hands of the God. This has made the belief they held onto so precious for the towns people. It is why everyone in Donggang is taught to thrive with persistence and dedication, the Donggang spirit.

Yu Ting believes in the power of video communication, and shot this video in the hope of promoting and disseminating Donggang’s culture and ancient festivals and influencing others with fundamental beliefs that are in all our hearts.