“Embracing the Invisible” at venue 22: providence URc


‘Embracing the Invisible’ is an exhibition created by a collective of artists working through Charnwood Arts - ArtsLink Taiwan, an international project through the ‘People Making Places’
programme. The exhibition presents work in a range of media to share one of the world’s most fascinating festivals that takes place every three years in the Taiwanese fishing port of Donggang.

Yi Yang joined the ‘Welcome Royal Lord Festival’ in 2012 through a design approach for the first time. She was trying to find a connection and meaning between herself and the environment she lives in. Yi Yang wanted to re-examine her hometown life and herself through an eye of exploration. Through her work she hopes to encourage other people's hearts to see what this incredible place and life is about. Yi Yang is primarily an illustrator and this work depicts the essential stages of the festival over it's three year period of development.