“Embracing the Invisible” at venue 22: providence URc


‘Embracing the Invisible’ is an exhibition created by a collective of artists working through Charnwood Arts - ArtsLink Taiwan, an international project through the ‘People Making Places’
programme. The exhibition presents work in a range of media to share one of the world’s most fascinating festivals that takes place every three years in the Taiwanese fishing port of Donggang.

In his practice James endeavours to explore links between the literary and media arts genre of horror, and queer identity. Through research of historic documents he creates new worlds from the past. Producing installation work through drawing, sound and interactive technologies.  He uses the literary ghost story as a thematic framework, and specific geographic locations. In particular querying liminal wildernesses, such as fenland and the edge lands between city and countryside. James aims to create new realms from the past, that consider: identity politics, psychogeography, supernatural, science fiction and history, in a queer and hauntological context