SANDRA BOUGUERCH - part of the big weekend

neo:artists @ New Mills Festival (Venue 21)

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neo:artists @ New Mills Festival
Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP Sat 23 & Sun 24 11am-4pm

An exciting display of contemporary art, including painting, drawing, installation, printmaking and film, from selected artists based at neo:studios Bolton - an artist led, not-for-profit organisation founded to aid the development of creative practitioners. Susan Sydall, Sandra Bouguerch, Julie Levy, Jason Simpson, Louise Garman, Maggie Hargreaves, Angela O’Mara, Andy Smith and neo:artprize 2012 Finalist Naomi Kendrick

Sandra Bouguerch is an interdisciplinary artist who creates artworks and atmospheres revolving around the ‘exploration of self’; focusing on what it means to be human. The impermanence and fluidity of life is echoed in her work and its ephemeral nature emphasises the ambiguity of identity.  Through exploring, uncertainty, tension, frustration, fragility and perceived vulnerability she aims to suggest the commonalities, both physical and psychological, that inform the human condition. Her ongoing interest is ‘The Temporal Experiences of Awareness and Tension in Relation to the Notion of Self’. Recent work involves her late elderly father who developed Dementia and Parkinson’s. Using performance, photography and print-making she explores the dilemma and power shift struggles between father and daughter and the elements of risk involved. Internet dating, with its playful and serious interactions that at times can be both positive and negative, is the subject of her new body of work.