Revive Café (Venue 7)

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I am a mixed media artist - The subjects that really excite me have a sense of history, townscapes or landscapes, rolling skies and hidden corners. I love the moods of nature and the weather and seasons. While my paintings are usually representational they are often stylised or abstracted to a degree and I certainly take great liberty with the colours I choose (hence –anything but grey!) I am aiming not for realism but for capturing mood and atmosphere. No matter what my subject, I want to create a painting that people can live with and enjoy for a long time. My work has been shown nationally and internationally in over 100 exhibitions.  Currently a member of The Peak District Artisans as well as an associate member of Banks Mill Studios in Derby and a professional member of the Society of all Artists and help co-run the Derbyshire Regional SAA Art Group. I am a fully qualified adult education trainer with over ten years of experience of talks and training groups as well as one to one tutoring. In the last couple of years, I have been in demand as an art demonstrator and I love painting and showing my techniques to local and regional groups.