i: @naomi_kendrick

venue 4: Pretty Little Things


Through drawing Naomi attempts to capture events in our minds, she has previously used music and hypnosis to evoke and draw different mental states, or simply tuned in to and noticed the shape of her mind as it changes in response to the ebb and flow of life. Naomi is trying to make visible sensations, patterns of thought and feeling, from the darkest times to the euphoric.

Red Thread and Untitled (Big Tissue Paper) Are drawn (with ink, pen and pencil) on to paper surfaces that are, crumpled and fragile. The lines are make over time, trace and reveal these very points of fragility, the parts that disrupt the smooth skin of paper, they could break or the surface could become swallowed by these marks.

Familiar patterns occur in the drawings, like arteries, winter branches, veins in rock. Reflecting the visual connections between things bodily and the natural world we inhabit