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Pretty Little Things (Venue 4)


 I’m a punk rock farmer’s wife with a flair for creativity. I have three children and run a barn wedding venue. When I’m not rounding up children, sheep or wedding guests, I’m creating. My work is mainly fairy tale based but I’m also inspired by gothic, punk and tattoo culture. I work in a wide range of medium and love trying new things. I’ve turned my hand to felting, soldering, photography, painting, papier mache, woodwork, costume design and even a bit of taxidermy. I’m willing to give anything a go and usually end up owning it….apart from knitting! That eludes me. Recently my Alice in Wonderland inspired chair went viral, this was exciting as I got hundreds of admiring messages. Arts and crafts are ingrained in me and I can’t imagine not creating, I’m pretty sure my head would explode if I was unable to get the ideas out.