fb: @isobelfosterphotography

venue 3: Simply Indian


Isobel Foster’s photographic practice is focused on the materiality and physicality of the photograph. Having studied for her BA (Hons) Photography degree at the Arts University of Bournemouth, Isobel is interested by the sentimental value photographs hold and how we depend on images as placeholders for our memory

Her photograph explores how night can transform landscapes into a surreal environment, which is unsettling, dramatic but also compelling. Isobel is interested in how the darkness changes an atmosphere and why we associate the woodland setting with fear. The luminous vibrant colours in the photograph are achieved through the light painting process, which allows the notion of the deep dark woods to turn into a magical, fantastical and hyper-real experience. This is underpinned by the threat of being alone at night in somewhere so open and solitary. Isobel’s image creates a strange sense of an impossible reality